All about more Instagram likes and followers

We are breathing in the world that depends on various technologies. The society is also evolving as time ticks. Now a days everything is getting digitalized. Having this thought, the usage of mobile application is also raising to reach sky day by day. The concept of social media is gaining the interest of the society. As a result of this Instagram is also captivating the eye of society. It is photo-based activity on social media which involves photo and video sharing via Instagram application. It also allows to take and edit photos and videos. The content can be shared or viewed by the followers. It can also be viewed by non-followers if the account is public. The followers and non-followers interact through Instagram likes, shares and comments.

The current generation are much worried about the number of Instagram likes rather than the marks they have obtained in an examination. Instagram likes are much powerful than any other social media sharing. There are many ways to get Instagram likes for example;

  1. Hashtags: Using right hashtags and posting the content can attract the people. People start following your hashtags and share them with others too.
  2. Tagging: Tagging the content with the person whom you love or adore can fetch the likes. The followers would like the concept of aging their loved ones. For example, tagging your favourite friends or promoting useful things and ideas.
  3. Writing eloquent captions: Instagram has word limit of 2,200 characters, so one can get like through expressive writing, if one who is good at writing can make use of this by writing amusing long paraphrases.
  4. Sharing beautiful photos: The photos that are good will also get the likes it’s so obvious.
  5. Planning contest: People likes opportunities to win gift. So conducting exciting contest and offering gifts can attract and add likes to the account.


These are some of the ways to fetch likes that are been listed but there are many other ways to get likes. The popularity of Instagram is overwhelming but every coin has two faces. Getting likes for content is fine but making it a habit can be very dangerous. Special mention todays youths are getting too much involved in these activities, it shouldn’t become suffering in future. Having this in mind it is our responsibility to be aware of what to do and what not to do!!