Yoga, the new normal!


Yoga is one of the best practices ever that man has adopted in today’s frantically scheduled lifestyle. Do you think I am exaggerating? No, not at all. Here are some interesting things about yoga that you would want to know.

Why yoga?

 Yoga is practised as a physical and mental way of boosting and refreshing the body from our day-to-day chaos. It helps us regain energy and maintain peace within. Back then it was a spiritual practice in many religions like Hindus, Buddhists, etc., which is now being adopted by the whole world as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is also proved clinically through many pieces of research that practising yoga every day would help the person gain physical and mental fitness. Yoga multiplies the production of happy hormones in the body helping you glow from the inside out.


  1. Physical Benefits

 When talking about its effects on physical fitness, yoga is the game changer. It heals the body from head to toe. It provides muscle strength, gives balance, improves the flexibility and feasibility of the body, and settles your sleep cycle.

It also increases the body, skin, and muscle tone. Respiratory capacity is expanded and whatnot.

  1. Mental fitness

In the present-day lifestyle of people, mental health is a checkmate, practising yoga solves it all. It helps reduce anxiety. It decreases the production of stress hormones in the body and automatically eases the pressure.

Yoga asana

Asanas are a specific type of body posture that a body can take. Some of them are practised in yoga called Yoga Asanas. The  body feels comfortable in asana. Every asana has its perks and benefits, they cool your body down, provide comfort, and relieve it from any form of pain. For instance, asanas like Suthasana, Uttanasana, Vrikshasana, Hatha asana etc are practised for the stress relief. Naukasana, Paschimottanasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana, Dandasana etc are practised for physical well being of the body.

In this way, each asana has its own uses and can be practised according to our necessity.


Inhale and Exhale

In this running world, where everyone sticks to their hectic schedule, why not spend some time on ourselves and give everything else a small break. Waking up to the beautiful sunrise, meditating, where you can exhale the stress out, inhale peace and then have a little cup of chai! Sounds perfect right? This is what yoga is all about.

 So, all I would like to say is that taking some time out for yoga is worth it and brings that little smile to your face. There is nothing to think about, get yourself a glass of water and pull your socks up, it’s time for you to go enjoy some asanas.

However, Shavasana is not a bad idea though!