Foreskin Cracks And Other Effects Of Diabetes

diabetes foreskin crack

Diabetes affects many systems in the body. There are organs that show the first signs and symptoms of having the disease. If having high blood sugar is common in your bloodline, it is crucial that you are aware of how it can possibly affect you too. Here are the most common organs in the body that are first affected by diabetes.


When your blood sugar levels stay high for a long time, they may damage the capillaries that bring blood to the retinas of the eyes. When blood vessels in the retina are damaged by high blood sugar, this is called Diabetic Retinopathy. The retina is a light-sensitive layer of cells in the back of the eye. Damaged blood vessels can cause inflammation and leakage, which can affect your vision and even stop the blood supply.


diabetes foreskin crack

High blood sugar levels can damage larger blood vessels, like the ones that bring oxygen to your heart and brain. This can also get the arteries clogged up with fat. Those who have diabetes or high blood sugar levels are at high risk of having heart attacks or strokes.


Your nerves carry the messages that your brain sends to the rest of your body. If your blood sugar levels stay high for a long time, this can damage the capillaries. They are the ones that bring oxygen to some of the major nerves. If more nerves are damaged, the brain and other parts of the body will not be able to feel pain.


Those people with diabetes may have problems with their feet. Because the nerves in your feet are affected by the disease, your ability to feel that you’ve been hurt could be affected. Diabetes can also make your blood circulation become a problem which can be bad for your feet. If your blood flow isn’t good, it will be hard for an injury or illness to heal. Infected wounds that don’t heal can put your life at risk.


diabetes foreskin crack

Foreskin cracks can be caused by a lot of things. Posthitis (inflammation of the penile shaft) or balanitis (foreskin inflammation), or both are the major causes. Infection, may it be bacterial or fungal, lichen sclerosus or the hardening of the skin, or having a tight foreskin can also be common causes of painful foreskin cracks. But most importantly, if you have diabetes foreskin crack, you may notice that your foreskin will start to peel or crack.

The effects of diabetes on your body is greatly affected by the type that you have – Type 1 or Type 2. But it is very important that you are more aware of the effects that it can have on the body. It is best that you are aware early on especially if you are at a higher risk of developing the disease